Free eBooks From Amazon To #StayAtHome With

Amazon’s latest initiative to help during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis is to provide some reading to help us all wile away the hours and get stuck into a good book.

And if you’re anything like us, reading’s an enjoyable activity that often has little time made for it due to busy lives. But with no dinner dates to go on or coffee shops to visit, along with the nice weather coming our way, there’s never been a better time to sit down and snuggle down with a book on that sun lounger (in the back garden of course!).

The free eBooks category has a a number of books for a variety of categories covering entertainment through the learning and onto professional development. There’s also some magazines to dip into if you’re missing your weekly dose of gossip or want some easy reading. Oh, and those classics from school – they’re on there too!

Categories available include:

  • Childrens
  • Fiction
  • Featured Reads from around the world
  • School books
  • A selection of popular books (Jeffrey Archer, anybody?)
  • Professional development,
  • Home, family & lifestyle
  • Home and hobby magazines
  • Entertainment and technology magazines (yes, there’s some geeky ones in there for the gamers and techies!)

They’re completely free to ‘buy’. If you’re looking at the magazines, it’s only the current issue that’s free – so make sure you don’t select a subscription (unless you want to of course!) – they’re still paid!

Let us know what you’ve bought from the selection and are reading below in the comments. Any recommendations?

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