£215 per week with Rev – Make Money Online 2022

Is it possible to earn a good income online? The answer is yes and, certainly until recently, unfortunately many opportunities have turned out to be scams. But in the post-pandemic world we find ourselves entering into now, more work-from-home and hybrid working opportunities are floating around that deliver some extra much-needed income in the middle of a cost of living crisis.

It would appear that most people use Rev to supplement their main income but is it possible to use Rev to replace it?

We take a look at the Rev.com website and some of the reviews from both customers and freelancers to gauge whether Rev is worth a gamble. The three-step process of the application looks easy enough.

Many of you undoubtedly have never heard of Rev if you are outside of the media industry. Rev promises accurate translation, transcription and captioning services using a combination of automatic AI-drive text-to-speech software and human transcribers. Take a look at it with us below as we seek to uncover whether this is a valuable addition to your work-from-home armoury.

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