Tired of Searching for Vouchers and Coupons? Answer: Honey!

So, you definitely want to get the best deal – but the experience of trawling the Internet for a couple of hours and only finding a couple of pounds off – or even worse, nothing – is infuriating to say the least.

All those voucher sites, all those dead voucher codes or all those codes that have such onerous terms and conditions that you just don’t feel it’s worth it. After all, giving up your first born for 0.25% off your next furniture order doesn’t cut it for many people.

This is where Honey comes in!

What is Honey?

Basically, it does all the searching, finding and testing voucher codes for you directly on the website.

Not only does it try all the voucher codes it finds littered throughout the web, but also tries voucher codes submitted by other Honey members as well as special Honey-exclusive offers.

All this is done automatically in the background so you can continue doing the much more fun activity of deciding what to buy next.

How do I do it?

Simply install one of the browser extensions they have available – at DPS we’re using Chrome – and it’ll sit in your toolbar at the top right of the screen ready to highlight shopping offers to you as well as providing a handy little interface that you can click on to reveal their current top offers.

In many ways, it works familiar to the similar TopCashback extension and notifier that many members use.

Ready to Save Money?

Great – sign up for Honey now!

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