Are You A Software Engineer Looking For New Opportunities?

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Are you a software engineer looking for opportunities? Maybe you’re a data scientist, a designer or a product manager looking for something in the Information Techology and Computing sectors?

We know how much of a drag it can be filling out application forms, covering letters and lord knows what else whilst trying to keep up with daily life.

That’s where Hired comes in.

They turn this model upside down. Employers seek you out and apply to you. Interested? Keep on reading below for the full low down on how it works.

Tell Your Story

Showcase your skill set, passions and career aspirations on your personalized Hired profile. We’ll help you make a strong impression and define your role and location preferences.

Customize your profile with photos of your favorite projects, links to personal portfolios, or glowing reviews. It’s always private from past and current employers.

Companies Apply To You

Accept and respond to transparent interview requests from innovative employers for opportunities that match your goals and salary requirements.

Accept interview requests for roles that inspire you — and decline requests with one of our suggested responses to explain why the role isn’t the right fit.

Choose The Right Fit

Compare multiple offers side by side through a streamlined interview process. Accept the opportunity that’s right for you and start your next chapter!

The odds are in your favor: 75% of candidates accept a job offer they receive on Hired!

Still Interested?

Your next dream role could be just around the corner! Head over to Hired now and check them out!

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