FREE Film to Enjoy Now With Sky – Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu PandaMany of you may or may not be aware, as Sky customers, that they’ve had a service which has been around for a while now called ‘Buy and Keep’.  Essentially Sky Store, which is what ‘Box Office’ used to be, allows you to purchase movies to buy and watch on your Sky box.  In addition, with ‘Buy and Keep’ you can buy a movie, have it delivered to your Sky box to watch immediately but also get the DVD of the movie sent to you in the post as well.

Sounds great.  Now I don’t often purchase movies from Sky but at the moment there is a great opportunity to ‘Buy and Keep’ Kung Fu Panda, a hilarious animated comedy suitable for all the family!  Precisely what you need for a good Saturday in (given the rain today in most of the country).

The great bit – it’s 100% free at the moment – pay nothing.  That’s to get the film to your box as well as the DVD posted to you for absolutely nothing!

Grab it quick – because once the DVD stocks are gone, they’re gone!

A couple of quick notes.

If you’ve not registered on (i.e. to view your account, bills etc) online you’ll need to do this – don’t worry, it’s free and only takes a few minutes (will probably help if you have a recent bill or your welcome pack handy).

If you have registered on but not directly on Sky Store, just click login at Sky Store and login using your Sky account – you’ll automatically be registered for a Sky Store account with the same details – again don’t worry, completely free.

On the Sky Store Kung Fu Panda page you’ll see that you can see a button ‘£0.00 Buy HD + DVD’ – click that one.  It’ll get delivered straight to your box and the DVD in the post.

If you’ve not bought anything through Sky Store before it’ll ask to register card details to the account – don’t worry, you won’t be charged (unless you purchase anything else – which is not required to take up this fantastic offer).

The Simplest Way

But, by far the simplest way to take advantage of this offer is to access Sky Store through your planner on your Sky box – it’s all already linked to your account and you can ‘buy’ (for £0.00) the movie straight to your box and DVD with no hassle whatsoever!

Enjoy Kung Fu Panda – it is a cracking film!

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