DPS Drive – Case Study Examples (CSE) Launches With First Case Study!

DPS Computing Limited is proud to announce the launch of the brand new (and free!) DPS Drive – Case Study Examples (CSE) package.  The first case study in CSE has gone live this evening.

DPS Drive – Case Study Examples is aimed to complement DPS Drive – Interactive Theory Test (ITT), released this summer by DPS Computing Limited.  While the interactive theory test helps learner drivers get to grips with the driving theory and the types of questions that are asked during a theory test, DPS Drive – CSE puts the questions into a context and format that you can expect to be similar to that faced in the theory test centre.

The first Case Study Example contained in DPS Drive – CSE has been provided and kindly licensed to DPS Computing Limited by the Driving Standards Agency.

DPS Computing Limited is working with fully qualified Advanced Driving Instructors (ADIs) to create more realistic case study examples to enable us to continue releasing more case studies at regular intervals.

DPS Drive – Case Study Examples is the second release by DPS Computing Limited, as well as the second release in the DPS Drive line of products.

While DPS Drive – Case Study Examples (CSE) was initially conceived as a paid for add on to DPS Drive – Interactive Theory Test, the decision was made to release it under a free-to-use model.  There are a number of advantages to this.  Firstly, you get it for no additional cost (always a bonus!).  Secondly, it is accessible to both current DPS Drive – ITT (DPS Computing) customers and non customers alike.  Thirdly, by releasing it under a free-to-use model we can release case studies as and when they are finished and become available.  Under the pay model, we would have had to complete all of the case studies prior to release, thereby delaying the release date.

DPS Drive – Interactive Theory Test (ITT) and DPS Drive – Case Study Examples (CSE) have naturally been designed to complement each other.

You can access DPS Drive – CSE here.

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