Next Product In DPS Drive Lineup Revealed – FREE Case Studies!

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Following up on the release of DPS Drive – Interactive Theory Test (ITT), DPS Computing Limited is proud to announce the next product in the DPS Drive lineup, named DPS Drive – Case Study Examples (CSE for short!).

DPS Drive – CSE will include case studies that are typically found within the theory test that you take while learning to drive.

DPS Drive - Interactive Theory Test (ITT) - Home Screen / Main MenuThe Driving Standards Agency has produced a short excerpt (shown below) which explains what case studies are and why they have been introduced:

“On 7th May 2008, the Rt Hon Ruth Kelly, MP, Secretary of State for Transport launched the Learning to Drive public consultation, setting out proposals to reform the way that people learn to drive and are tested.  The consultation closed on 6th October 2008 with almost 7,000 responses.  The Report on Consultation explained Ministers’ decisions about the package of changes on which we consulted.  There was widespread, strong agreement that the introduction of case studies into the theory test would help to better assess whether learns have understood driving theory.

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) therefore introduced case studies into the theory test for car drivers and moped/motorcycle riders from 28th September 2009, and the case study scenarios will be taken from the existing theory test question bank.”

As with the theory test questions featured in the Interactive Theory Test, the DSA no longer release the live question banks that are actually in use.  This is the same for case studies.  The theory test questions and case studies are indicative of the type that you would face in your theory test, but are not the actual questions / case studies – as with all revision materials out there (even the DSA’s own official revision materials).

DPS Drive – CSE will at first include one case study, which has been licensed to DPS Computing Limited by the DSA.

However, DPS Computing Limited is working closely with Advanced Driving Instructors to create more case studies to include in DPS Drive – Case Study Examples.

And the best part?  Well we’ve saved that till last!

DPS Drive – Case Study Examples (CSE) will be available free of charge!  Therefore DPS Drive – CSE will be available to both customers and non-customers, however it is designed to complement DPS Drive – Interactive Theory Test (ITT) and will be geared in a way that complements the Interactive Theory Test software – which we highly recommend for your revision!

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