DPS Computing Limited Prepares for Launch in Less Than 24 Hours

DPS ComputingThe final countdown to the launch of the brand new official DPS Computing Limited website is now ticking down through the final day of waiting for this eagerly anticipated event.

DPS Computing Limited is striving to raise the quality of web development, hosting and products while still offering excellent value for money.

David Smith, Managing Director of DPS Computing Limited, has stated that the launch of the new DPS Computing Limited company site on the 14th July will “signify an important step and a momentous occasion for all web services customers with DPS Computing becoming the first ‘one stop shop’ for all of a customers web service, development and hosting needs whether they are an individual or a business while continuing to break boundaries offering never-before-seen quality at a value-for-money price”.

With less than 20 hours to go to the official launch, the final testing phases of the new site have been entered and the company is on schedule to open its doors to its first customers at 20:00, later on today.

DPS Computing Limited - Launch - T-Minus 20 hours

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