Sky Raise Prices Inflation-Busting 9%


No one likes a price rise. But in recent years, inflation-busting price rises have started to become more of a norm than a one-off.

It might only end up being a few quid – but’s it’s a few quid on top of a few quid on top of a few quid each year. And with budgets being squeezed all the time, it’s something many families can ill afford.

What are the latest changes?

The latest price changes come into effect from 1st April 2020.

Both TV and broadband subscribers are affected.

Broadband Changes

For all on Sky’s superfast broadband offerings (aka. fibre optic) you are mercifully spared an increase this year.

However, for all those on ADSL package (‘normal’ broadband if you like), you’ll be looking at a £2 increase in the monthly cost up to £24 per month.

TV Changes

There’s a few changes to TV too – so if you’ve got this and broadband with Sky, it’s a double whammy unfortunately.

Sky TV Entertainment is going up £2 to £24 per month.

Sky TV Multiscreen is going up a quid to £14 per month.

Sky HD TV is going up a pound to £6 per month. And yes, we’re slightly bemused too that Sky still charge extra for HD as a luxury despite the fact that many channels, already paid for as part of your package, only broadcast in HD now!

Can they do it?

Sure they can. Even if you’re in the minimum term. For a number of years now digital service providers have included clauses where they can raise the price.

When these first came about, they were capped at inflation. No luck here I’m afraid though. Sky don’t allow you to break the contract unless there’s a rise over 10% – and these rises come in just under that at 9%.

So what can I do?

Ring them up! If you don’t ask you don’t get! Get in contact with Sky and say you’d like them to hit you with a deal. Sure you might be asked to sign up for a new minimum term contract. But if you’re not leaving anyway, it’s a potential win-win.

Want some haggling tips ahead of your call to Sky – head over to Money Saving Expert who can give you the low down on getting a great deal – whether you’re within or outside of your minimum term.

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