DPS Computing Releases Sneak Peak of “DPS Drive – Theory Test”

In the build up to the exciting summer software season for DPS Computing we have decided to release a little teaser of the final app.

Part of the DPS Drive series of software, the ITT, Interactive Theory Test, will allow users to practice their driving theory test over and over again.  No two tests will be the same as a random selection of questions is chosen each time ensuring that it will be valuable tool for anyone learning to drive.

After release, the software will be available for licensing by any individuals or companies who would like to use it on there website and it will be provided at very competitive prices.  The benefits and extra business brought to driving schools using this system will be noticeable and will result in a profit increase numerous times greater than the cost of the software license.  The ITT can also be branded to your own companies needs and integrated into your website in no time.

In addition to that, individuals will also benefit greatly from this software.  With special personal discounted licenses, it will give you the best chance of passing your theory test and it will allow you more time to practice.

Reading through sets of questions, in defined orders in a book is beneficial – but only to a certain degree.  This is before we even factor in the boredom that is caused by this!

After the test you are graded and you are given the answers to the questions that you attempted, along with a full explanation of why that is the correct answer.

Be under no illusions, this software will benefit any driving schools, Advanced Driving Instructors (ADIs) or any individuals learning to drive.

Driving schools should notice an increase in driving theory awareness and understanding from pupils and also a lower failure rate for pupils taking the theory test.  This software is also unique and can be easily integrated with your website.  It also acts as a great bonus to advertise your driving school with in a time when interactive and online learning is continuing to increase in popularity.  It also attracts pupils to your driving school as it reduces the costs that they have to spend with regards to theory test books and material.  Plus, it also reduces your reproduction costs for reproducing theory test material for your pupils.

Individuals can avoid expensive and inconvenient retests and retest fees by giving themselves the best opportunity to pass the theory test first time round.

Also, current full license holders can benefit from brushing up on their driving theory and avoid expensive fines and possible criminal or civil proceedings by not being fully aware of the current driving regulations.  Learning about driving is a lifelong experience and the benefits of staying up-to-date can be astounding.

And as promised, we’ve included a little teaser here:



The ITT is complete and is currently going through our extensive and in depth testing and evaluation procedures to ensure the highest quality possible.  Information will continue to be released about the ITT in due course.

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Ben Stones
12 years ago

I thought I’d be able to try it out … didn’t realise “sneak peak” meant, “screenshot preview” lol.

Ben Stones
12 years ago

Hurry up with it ;). I’ll definitely consider buying the license to use it.

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