Navigational Complexities – Mission 9 – Star Trek Resurgence

Navigational Complexities you say? Well that’s the only thing that can be used to describe the bizarre situation affecting Ambassador Spock’s shuttle as the away team prepares to escort our distinguished guest down to the surface to start peace talks between the Hotti’s and the Ayodren’s (sorry, can’t remember what they were called exactly!)

And then there’s the question about what to do about Mary – sorry Miranda. After she declared her undying love for Carter – how do we break it to her that Carter just doesn’t feel the same way? Or do we not break it at all? In fact, that sounds like a sterling idea! But which one will Carter choose.

Jara is busy helping Captain Solano and Ambassador Spock for this one – so we get double dose of Carter and Millie!

Join us as we go boldly where no one has gone before in Mission 9 – Navigational Complexities in Star Trek Resurgence!

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