1.1 NEW Career Mode – PC Building Simulator 2

Welcome to our walkthrough of the NEW Career Mode in PC Building Simulator 2 1.1!

PC Building Simulator has recently had a major update and we’re checking out all the changes from not only the Beta but the initial 1.0 release all the way back into October.

Covering a variety of tutorials to get up and running, we learn how to customise PC’s, overclock (safely!) CPU’s, get rid of pesky viruses as well as check for and accept new jobs.

The last workshop from PC Building Simulator got destroyed in somewhat mysterious circumstances, and Uncle Tim is planning an interesting approach – come and find out what it is as we open the new(ish) workshop and rename it with a not-so-grand opening considering it looks like a bit of a skip at the moment. At least there’s a nice garden eh….

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