Quidco Sweet 16 – Finding Mollux

So, for the uninitiated, Quidco – the popular cashback website – is running a competition for its 16th birthday where they give away Amazon vouchers of between £1-£100 for finding squids on their website! Forget Finding Nemo, finding Mollux – one of the squids, helps you to complete the Techies collection which can win you a £10 Amazon Gift card voucher.

How do I find squids?

Essentially, browse through the Quidco website – visiting retailer pages – and you will see a popup in the right-hand bottom side of the screen saying that a squid has been spotted in the area. Click the button and you have a chance of finding it and adding it to your gameboard. And, for the first time, if you don’t find a Squid you still get an entry into the prize draw to win a £1000 Amazon voucher.

What do I have to do?

Firstly, you have to register for Quidco if you’re not already a member. Don’t worry, it’s free. If you’re already registered, proceed to login and get squid hunting! More details on the Quidco Sweet 16 squid hunt can be found on the dedicated page.

Is this a wild goose chase?

Nope – we’ve tested it out this evening and had many squid sightings the majority of which, as you would expect have come to nothing. Well, in terms of finding squids but there’s been many entries gained into the prize draw through the sightings without capture of squids.

Any success?

Sure have! In around 15 minutes of squid hunting, on top of the sightings resulting in prize draw entries, we have found Mollux!

Where, where, where?!

Mollux is looking for a new phone contract. Therefore get browsing the mobile phone providers on Quidco and you’re sure to have some sightings and hopefully one of those results in a capture. Get 2 of the other ‘Techie’ squids and you’ll have a tenner to spend at Amazon!

What next?

We’ll keep you posted on our findings and post updates on where you can find the other 15 squids to help complete your squid collection, bag some Amazon cash and hopefully win the grand prize draw of £1000 in Amazon vouchers.

Spotted Squids?

Spotted any squids on your Quidco Sweet 16 competition travels? Let us know where and when in the comments below. Have you won? Share your success stories with us in the comments below!

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