The Single Simplest Trick To Get Your FitBit Syncing Again

Hold on a moment! Don’t go to all the trouble of uninstalling the app, or repairing your device, or working out how to switch off your FitBit.

Literally, who knows how to switch off their FitBit?

There’s one simple trick that resolves nearly all syncing issues with your FitBit and no one ever talks about it – ever!

Switch off your bluetooth!

But wait. How’s my FitBit going to sync if I switch off the bluetooth on my phone?

Answer: it isn’t! However, when you switch it back on, all should be working properly again. Just follow this simple process that is guaranteed to work nearly every time.

1. Close Your FitBit App

That’s properly close it. Don’t just hide it. Actually close (or force close) the app so that it’s no longer running on your phone.

If you’ve forgotten how to do this on your phone then you can simply restart your device. It’ll take a little longer than just closing the app but will be equally effective.

2. Disable Bluetooth

Go to settings in your phone and disable bluetooth. Wait 30 seconds before you enable it again just to give it time to shut off.

Bluetooth settings are usually found in ‘Connectivity’ or ‘Networks’ on Android and iOS devices.

3. Re-enable Bluetooth

Do the opposite of what you’ve just done. Go into your phone’s settings and switch bluetooth back on. Give it another 30 seconds or so to make sure it’s all started again fine and devices can connect back to it.

4. Open Your FitBit App

Re-open your FitBit app. Give it a few seconds to do it’s thing and load your stats.

5. Trigger a Sync

Your app might start auto syncing based on your settings. If not, just pull down on the home screen by swiping your finger down. You should then see a ‘syncing’ message appear with a progress bar. If your sync hasn’t been working for a little while, there might be a fair bit of data to share so don’t worry if this takes longer than usual – up to a couple of minutes.

6. Relax

Your FitBit is now syncing again and you should see your stats updating. Things like sleep score and active minutes might take a little while to calculate if you’ve not synced for a few days but fear not, they’re coming! Today’s stats will update first, followed by your historic stats.

And that’s it! No faffing about remove and unpairing devices or uninstalling apps. The simple tricks are often the most effective!

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