WHM – Protect Your Hosting Accounts From Spam

We all get spam. It’s very annoying, and ever increasingly time consuming. Particularly if you’re a reseller, you’ll probably have realised now that your customers depend on you to look after them and look to you for advice on how to configure their hosting accounts to best protect them.

Here’s a quick and simple way to protect your users (and yourself!) from a deluge of spam.

In WHM, head to the ‘Exim Configuration Manager’ under Service Configuration:

Then scroll down to the Apache SpamAssassin Options – here you’ll find the top option is to switch on SpamAssassin globally (without the option for users to turn it on). By default, a spam score of 5 or more (balanced between aggressive and loose spam identification scores) will result in a ‘SPAM’ heading being added to the e-mail.

This then allows an e-mail filter to be easily set up to allow users to easily dump spam in their trash without having to read it for themselves!

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