Cut The Cost of Christmas with £10 Off Your Shop

What’s the deal I hear you say?

Simple – most people do a lot of shopping on Amazon and this Christmas they are offering £10 off a £50 shop when you use Prime Now.

What is Prime Now?

Prime Now is Amazon’s answer to the instant gratification that can sometimes mean traditional retailers are preferred by customers even though they may pay a bit more and have to go to the shop themselves rather than the goods come to them.

Why do we do this? We want it and we want it NOW! Sure, some things we’re willing to wait for. But somethings we’re not. And some of us are just darn impatient! I know, me too at times!

Although Amazon delivery is speedy quick and usually free across the UK, this is still an issue – particularly in markets like food. Enter PrimeNow – it’s Amazon, but it’s with you in less than two hours!

Amazon Prime Now is a benefit of Amazon Prime where members can download an app to place orders for fast same-day delivery.

Although Amazon Prime Now and are related, Amazon Prime Now is a standalone website and mobile application.

What’s the deal?

£10 off your next £50 shop. As you’re spending over £40 as well there’s free delivery.

It’s a perfect time to stock up on Christmas goodies. Amazon Prime Now has teamed up with Morrisons to offer a fantastic range of groceries as well as a limited line of popular products from the main Amazon website. If it’s a must-have Christmas present – like the latest games console – chances are it’ll be on offer there.

However, it must be noted that this offer has a few significant exclusions including:

  • Electronics
  • Amazon devices (e.g. Kindle, Echo)
  • PC & Video Games
  • Games Consoles
  • Alcohol
  • Baby Formula
  • Gift Cards

So use this offer to stock up on your Chrimbo biccies rather than a bottle of Christmas cheer or the Switch game that you’re being pecked for by your kids!

Happy shopping!

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