Huel – Where’s My Discount Gone?!


So, you’ve got a discount code for Huel. Huel is a favourite of techies. Maybe you’ve referred a friend?

Shameless plug: Huel is great, you should really get it. Head over using my special link to get £10 off your first order!

Back? Great. So yeah, Huel is awesome. When you don’t have time to make food, it’s there. Stuck for lunch ideas, it’s there. Just can’t be bothered, it’s there. What’s more, it’s nutritionally complete, filling and very nice with various flavours available. And you’ve got a discount code but…

Dude, where’s my discount gone?!

You’ve added your discount code, you’re very happy and then you go and do something crazy…. like update your subscription. Maybe you fancy an extra bag. Or maybe you want to swap out a flavour. Whatever it is, you’ve given it an update and… BOOM!

Discount has vanished!

But. Don’t panic. Head back to your e-mail (or referrals section in ‘My Account’ on the Huel website) and re-enter the same discount code that you had previously applied and you’ll be back in the game, including your discount.

But, my order’s already shipped!

Ah, OK, it’s a problem this time round – but fear not, your discount will still be valid on your next order. And, you’ll be making another order. Because it’s great!

Any Other Discount Mishaps?

Got a story, tell us in the comments!

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