My Sky Eye Won’t Work!


Yesterday as I got in bed, I switched the TV on and …….NOTHING.

I have a Sky Eye fitted to the upstairs TV connected to my SKY HD box so that I can receive my Sky channels upstairs and operate the Sky Box remotely. However, nothing was working and the fault turned out to be lack of power to the Sky Eye. The power is supplied via the satellite cable to the Sky Eye and when working correctly a small red light illuminates on the device.

There was no light and it was, therefore, necessary to reinstate the power. To do this you need to reset the power supply using the following procedure:

On your Sky remote press the services button and use the arrow buttons to highlight the SETTINGS box. Once highlighted you must press 0 – 0 – 1 – SELECT. This will bring up the SETUP menu.

Use the arrow buttons to highlight RF OUTLETS and then scroll down the page to select RF OUTLET POWER SUPPLY. If it is switched off simply switch it to on using the arrow buttons and then press the green button to save your change of setting. Check that the power light has illuminated on the Sky Eye.

If the power supply is switched on, you will need to switch it off, save the settings and then go back through the above procedure to turn it back on. When you have finished the procedure, simply press the SKY button to go back to watching your programmes. Happy Days

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