Controversy Causing Web Celebs – Smart or Stupid?

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There’s a new breed of celebrity that is becoming ever more popular in the 2010’s – and that’s the web celebrity.  Some become famous due to a definable talent or skill – but increasingly, many new ‘web celebs’ simply become famous for being famous – by means of causing controversy.

The two latest controversy causing teenagers on the scene are Reece Messer (Rileyy_69), who was recently suspended from social networking website Twitter, and Olly Riley, Rileyy_69’s arch nemesis.

So, why are they entering the realms of web celebrity status?  Well, basically, for being grossly offensive (in a lot of peoples opinions) to pretty much random people on the Internet.  Oh and in Olly’s case, asking for girl sock shots (if you don’t know what we’re on about, consult the ever growing list of tweets on the subject).

Obviously, the Internet is an excellent tool – and has allowed people to become famous in real life, based on real talent – for example, Lily Allen was discovered through her social networking profiles (mainly MySpace and YouTube) to which she had posted numerous videos.  Most people, no doubt, support this kind of web fame.

However, as in real life, there is only a select group who really appreciate, understand, respect or admire the ‘famous for being famous’ celebrities – mentioning no names!  ;).

Is causing controversy by being overtly vulgar and/or sexual something which society tolerates or actively encourages?  Both Messer and Riley gained tens (possibly over a hundred) thousand extra followers as a result of their public bickering and abuse.  Not only that, they, especially Messer, started gaining quite a bit of media attention, which started from the time when Messer abused Olympic and Team GB diving star, Tom Daley.

Twitter logoSo, why do these people manage to gain so many extra followers on Twitter?  Do we like them or are we simply amused and intrigued by their behaviour?

In what is now set to be an ever increasing trend, is society encouraging a new emerging group of teenagers who cause online mischief for the sake of gaining some sort of public recognition?  Do the people behind the profiles actually hold the, sometimes shocking, views that the express online or are they just clamouring the attention their statements will bring?

Maybe it’s for financial gain?  Or maybe that’s just of secondary importance?  Olly Riley recently released his own clothing range online and is believed to now be represented by an agent.  The success or otherwise of Riley’s new ventures has yet to be determined and DPS Computing can find no credible information regarding the sales figures for the online shop.

One things for sure at the moment – no matter what happens in the future, this web celeb trend is set to continue for a while yet.

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Ben Stones
11 years ago

If you want to know why that person was rude on Twitter you might want to ask him himself. We are never going to understand everyone’s behaviour and unless you ask them, you’re concluding yourself like others that I’m sure have heard about that user on Twitter.

To answer your question bluntly David, the real answer is because some people are just stupid idiotic, ignorant and unintelligent. I think that user on Twitter you were referring to may have some disabilities that influence his character and attitude, but at least it gives the press something to write about and people to #hashtag #like #crazy #over.

Ben Stones
10 years ago

The point of the matter is people had made a huge issue out of this and it’s extremely pathetic. The press want to control us with the crap they publish and many people like to go crazy over an issue until they’ve moved onto some other shit the very next day.

This planet is so chaotic. It’s unbelievable.

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