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Add Existing Twitter Account 0

Rapid Switching Between Twitter Accounts

A lot of people have multiple Twitter accounts out there. Mostly noble albeit some nefarious reasons why! A common use case is that your responsible for a business or professional Twitter account as well...

Twitter ‘Embed Tweet’ Preview Bug 0

Twitter ‘Embed Tweet’ Preview Bug

I know what you’re thinking – ‘Shut the door, Twitter has a bug’. Well yes it does, and we’ve found it – but thankfully it’s not too much of a biggie. Those who have...

Controversy Causing Web Celebs – Smart or Stupid? 3

Controversy Causing Web Celebs – Smart or Stupid?

There’s a new breed of celebrity that is becoming ever more popular in the 2010’s – and that’s the web celebrity.  Some become famous due to a definable talent or skill – but increasingly,...