2011 : The Year Of Apple

Apple iPhone 4SAlthough 2011 saw the tragic death of Steve Jobs, a key component to Apples two successful periods, it was a good year financially for the company.

Today it was announced that Apples iOS device sales during last year alone was greater than the total sales of Mac computers for the past 28 years that the company has been in existence.  In 2011 a whopping 156 million iOS devices were sold bringing the cumulative sales figures for iOS devices up to 316 million units.

This compares with 28 years of Mac sales which currently only total 122 million.

After fears last year that some experts were predicting a bleak short term future for Apple, the announcement of these results seems to have helped people renew confidence in the technology giant.

The iPhone is way out in the lead of the most popular iOS device with the cumulative total this year expected to exceed 200 million.  The iPod Touch is in second place, but a long way behind the iPhone at approximately 70 million.  The iPad is a little further behind with approximately 55 million.

Sales of iOS devices now account for approximately 75% of Apples total income with the company raking in just under $110 billion last year.

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