Chronicles of Merlin Players Encounter Another Bug

Chronicles of Merlin logoPlayers of the popular iOS game, Chronicles of Merlin have recently become increasingly annoyed about the major ‘Alliance’ bug present in the game, which DPS Computing reported about on Friday.

Now it appears yet another bug has been added to the ‘major bugs’ list that has started to really get on the nerves of players.

This bug, which is gaining notoriety by the day, involves some buildings in the game appearing to be ‘downgraded’ after a previous upgrade.

DPS Computing has investigated this bug and has discovered that it exists for at least some buildings on the game.  The ‘Tower of Trials’ used to train up the games heroes to higher levels, appears to ‘automatically downgrade’ randomly from level 60 to level 59 with no apparent cause.  DPS Computing managed to recreate this error by being in a ‘Level 60 Region’ and upgrading the tower to Level 60.  Then at some point after log out, when a player logs back in they usually discover over the course of the day that the building has been downgraded to level 59.

The frustration for players regarding this bug is likely to grow as sliver, the currency used to buy things in the game, is used to upgrade the building (as well as time having to be waited for the ‘cool down’ period after the upgrade) which simply disappears after the building is downgraded.

Now doubt this will be another bug that the developers will have to seriously look at before the ever growing list of bugs damages the reputation and popularity of the iOS game, which initially found fame as a Facebook game.

DPS Computing would like to note that although the iOS game and Facebook game are released and developed by the same developer they are in fact two different games.

CoM Players Anger Grows Over Major Bugs

Chronicles of Merlin logoPlayers of popular iOS game Chronicles of Merlin are becoming increasingly frustrated with the developers of the game after another release is made but major bugs have still not been rectified in the game.

One of the most complained about bugs is the ‘Alliance’ bug where the game will regularly crash after trying to perform any functions in the Alliance section of the game.  This evidently has caused frustration for many users with some also reporting that it is happening to them in other areas of the game.

Upon closer inspection by DPS Computing we have established that indeed the ‘Alliance’ bug remains in the latest version of the game.  Players have been assured that the developers are looking into this and hope to release a bug fix for it in the near future.

The impact of the ‘Alliance’ bug makes using any of the alliance features in the game very frustrating and with growing user tension it seems like the developers should be pulling out all the stops to fix this bug before it leads to a decline in the number of players.

If you are a Chronicles of Merlin player and have noticed any issues with the game, including the ever more infamous ‘Alliance’ bug, the please let us know in the comments below.

2011 : The Year Of Apple

Apple iPhone 4SAlthough 2011 saw the tragic death of Steve Jobs, a key component to Apples two successful periods, it was a good year financially for the company.

Today it was announced that Apples iOS device sales during last year alone was greater than the total sales of Mac computers for the past 28 years that the company has been in existence.  In 2011 a whopping 156 million iOS devices were sold bringing the cumulative sales figures for iOS devices up to 316 million units.

This compares with 28 years of Mac sales which currently only total 122 million.

After fears last year that some experts were predicting a bleak short term future for Apple, the announcement of these results seems to have helped people renew confidence in the technology giant.

The iPhone is way out in the lead of the most popular iOS device with the cumulative total this year expected to exceed 200 million.  The iPod Touch is in second place, but a long way behind the iPhone at approximately 70 million.  The iPad is a little further behind with approximately 55 million.

Sales of iOS devices now account for approximately 75% of Apples total income with the company raking in just under $110 billion last year.

Shaky Performance On Shakedown Servers

Zynga logoAfter investigation of reports that the servers of Zyngas game Mafia Wars: Shakedown is dropping rapidly, DPS Computing investigated.  We have found that indeed the performance over the past week of these servers has been quite woeful (for at least some of us anyway!).  The results of this unexpected performance drop have included the game running more slowly, taking more time to action requests and in some cases, failing to load the game at all at certain times.  The problems seem to be affecting the games servers more during the late afternoon and evening.

Possible reasons for this sudden drop in performance could be due to the games popularity – and as more and more users continue to install the iPad 2 game the possibilities of performance dropping further are very real.

Mafia Wars: Shakedown

Of course, over subscription of members on the server is only one possible reason for the problems encountered by DPS Computing and the people who have reported the problem to us.

Thus far, there has been no indication from Zynga about the recent performance of the Shakedown servers.  We will of course update you if this changes.

In the meantime, if you are a current player of the iPad 2 game, Mafia Wars: Shakedown, please comment below and indicate how server performance has been for you over the past few days.