New iPhone 4S Plagued By Rapid Power Drain

Apple iPhone 4S

The new iPhone 4s, which launched only a couple of weeks ago has ran into major difficulties with a lot of its users experiencing extremely low battery life.  Results from user testing on iOS 5 have indicated that it might be the location services feature that is the problem.  The current theory is that location data is being pulled far too frequently from mobile phone masts and is therefore draining the phones battery at a much acceleratedspeed.

This flaw will no doubt be slightly embarrassing to Apple but a swift and efficient resolution from them will likely mean that it has done them no harm in the long run.

Location services are provided on most smart phones these days.  Even when these services are running correctly, they are a huge drain on battery as they are simultaneously using information from mobile masts, WiFi and Global Positioning System Satellites.

According to iDownload, turning off the automatic time zone setting will mean that your battery life will last much longer.  The bug means

Applethat when this option is selected your location is calculated over and over again constantly so in case you change timezone the phone can update the correct time.

DPS Computing would advise all iPhone 4S users to currently turn this setting off – unless of course you are somebody that changes time

zone every second  ;-).

Apple are continuing to investigate and hope to find the problem soon as some tests have been inconclusive with the iDownload results above.

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Ben Stones
12 years ago

Another issue by Apple. While their customer service is stellar and they will make sure most users are good while the problem is being investigated, it it annoying Apple don’t find these things out before shipping.

I have an issue with my MacBook Pro as you know about – gah.

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