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Mozilla Firefox is a web browser available on multiple operating systems and has been a long term rival to Microsofts Internet Explorer.  Throughout the late 90s and early 2000s this popularity was ever increasing with many experts tipping the web browser to eventually overtake Microsofts Internet Explorer in terms of market share.  Numerous exploits and non standards compliant development of Internet Explorer were two of the reasons for IEs decline.


Mozilla Firefox unfortunately looks to be heading down the wrong path.  Once hailed the new dawn in Internet browsers, the late 2000s and early 2010s have not been good for the once revolutionary browser.  While still maintaining a fair portion of the market share (for the moment), Firefox is becoming increasingly unpopular with computer developers and experts.  One of the big reasons for this is the browser becoming increasingly more bloated and becoming more increasingly prone to lock ups.

Other browsers now such as Opera and Safari are offering better performance now than Firefox and unless things change, it is likely that Firefox will continue to decline.

Another issue brought up by users is the ever increasing amount of updates for the browser (sometimes only days apart) and the increasing incompatibility of add ons with different versions of the browser which, as expected, will no doubt be contributing to a decline in the number of users using the web browser on production machines.


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Ben Stones
12 years ago

Firefox is okay, and I generally don’t have issues using it when I do. I’m sure there’s plenty of issues and even issues I’ve had, including the memory consumption with prior versions of Firefox; hopefully that has been improved on by now. But generally, it’s a good browser and Mozilla and developers do a good job with Firefox, but there is definitely nice alternatives that do a better job in some areas, including Chrome (and by the way, I’ve not had the crashing issues with Chrome on Lion ;))

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