Be Proactive With Computer Maintenance

Man Using LaptopComputer maintenance and virus protection are the pillars supporting computer health and longevity. Identity theft is the number-one crime in America, meaning someone’s identity is stolen every two seconds. The chances of becoming an online victim are one out of four, which makes the possibility much closer to home than some people realize.

Viruses and spyware can steal information and relay it to dangerous sources or entities. It doesn’t matter what you use your computer for, personal or business-related information needs to be secure. Malicious software can download in moments and begin damaging your computer, its processes and its content.

Most new computers already have anti-virus software installed upon purchase, but consumers should double check the protection quality. Some manufacturers only equip computers with anti-virus trials that you have to buy to continue using after a certain period of time. So if your new computer does come with virus protection, make sure it’s not just a trial that will eventually leave your sensitive information exposed.

Once you have installed reliable virus protection that suits you and your computer, it must be updated regularly. Updates can be scheduled to automatically download and install without any physical assistance. Some software companies charge a fee for updates, which people aren’t always aware of at the initial purchase. This can get costly and irritating, so some consumers wind up leaving their computer unprotected.

Proactive maintenance preserves the life of your computer and saves money on repairs. If you’re not a computer-savvy person, there are technical resources available. Companies, like Geeks on Call, offer personal training, preventive plans, firewalls and Internet security, data backup and system upgrades. If your issue or query is computer-related, they will assist you. Plus, they work on computers in both residential and professional settings.

Despite the best efforts and careful handling, computer problems tend to emerge at some point or another. While being proactive with maintenance is the best way to avoid problems, nothing is foolproof. Not only is Geeks on Call a preventive method, they also provide on-site service and repair. For more information, visit

(This guest article was provided to DPS Computing by Geeks On Call (US)).

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