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ArgoUML is a freely available, open source, UML modelling tool which is popular with system developers and is used to create diagrams based on the Unified Modelling Language (UML).  It can create Use Case Diagrams, Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, Activity Diagrams and many more.  While still garnering much support, it is coming under fierce competition from rivals such as the developers of Visual Paradigm who offer a product of a more commericial standard.


ArgoUML is a great tool for UML modelling, however it does have its limitations.  Firstly, its support of the newer UML 2.0 standard is, well, non existent.  Despite this, a lot of developers can cope with it being compliant to UML 1.1.  Something which appears to become increasingly annoying as you use it however is the bugs that are present and the features that are missing from the software.  Simple activities like copying and pasting cannot be completed, which can leave many a developer completely frustrated.  Some menu options and buttons are displayed but are only part functional, or completely missing altogether.  In addition, Argo allows you to include things in your diagrams which are not legal in UML.

However, it does and continues to do well as it is not a product developed by a huge computing company but a community driven open source project.  It’s main rival at the moment is Visual Paradigm who offer both a commericial and a free ‘community’ edition.


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