What Do You Hate Most About Your iPhone 4S?

Apple iPhone 4SWell it has got to be said, that the iPhone 4S is a great piece of technology.  But what really gets on your nerves about it?  Poor signal?  Having to use iTunes?  Not being able to get your favourite Android app on it?

Below we have a video from CNET explaining, according to their research, the top 5 worst things about the iPhone 4s.

Are you an iPhone 4S user?  Do you have an opinion on the iPhone 4S?  Why not share it with us below and we’ll see if the things that are hated about the phone in the US are also the same for UK users.

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Ben Stones
11 years ago

It’s expensive; there’s no denying that. My Dad has an iPhone 4S, it’s a pretty good phone – Siri is good as well (which is the voice-recognition software on the phone). People bash it as a crappy iPhone update, but their expectations are way too high perhaps being engulfed in the cultural atmosphere of technology/Apple :P.

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