WikiReader takes Wikipedia Mobile

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WikipediaElectronics firm Openmoko has today released a new portable electronic device called WikiReader which aims to take Wikipedia even further as an educational tool.

The offline version of mobile Wikipedia available on the device is hoped to bring Wikipedia into the forefront of encyclopedia based education and it is hoped that it will lead to a bigger uptake in the classroom.

The main fear however appears to be that due to the lack of Internet connectivity of the device, inaccuracies that are normally ironed out by frequent Wikipedia editors may persist for a long time unchecked due to the fact that updates are only due to be released every few months.

Despite this, its creator, Thomas Meyerhoffer – a former designer for technology giant Apple, believes that the device will be a success and that its advantages outweigh its disadvantages.

Unlike other mobile devices which appear to consume electricity for fun, the new WikiReader is said to be able to last months on a pair of triple A batteries.

Trouble appears to be on the horizon however as Apple are rumoured to be realeasing a very similar device sometime in 2010 but with added Internet connectivity, which could make that device more desirable.  However WikiReader has got a chance at the moment to gain a firm foothold on the market.

Openmoko have lashed out at reports of Apples device by claiming that their device is safer and more child friendly – meaning that constant supervision from parents is not required when using their device.

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