Chronicles of Merlin Servers Disappear In Latest Blunder

Chronicles of Merlin logoYesterday, all of the servers for the iPad game Chronicles of Merlin (CoM) mysteriously disappeared.  It was around this time that the latest update for the game was released – whether this is a coincidence of not is not known, but it could provide one (albeit hard to understand) explanation for the disappearance.

CoM has been blighted by errors recently, and the release of version 1.35 of the game hopes to solve many issues.  DPS Computing can verify the the ‘disappearing’ time for farm occupation has been fixed and the games stability seems to have improved somewhat.

However, one of the major bugs, the alliance crashing bug has still yet to be addressed (as far as we know, as it wasn’t mentioned in the developers comments regarding the update).

Altogether there have been around 12 bugs and errors that have been claimed to be fixed and although all bug fixes are welcome, it still seems like the game has some issues with regards to stability and crashing on the iPad.

Having said this, the recent update has addressed more issues than the last update and doesn’t seem to, so far, in testing have created any new errors as happened with the previous update.

The alliance bug still is the most pressing bug with the game and players will be hoping that this is top of the developers priorities for the next release.

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