SongPop – New Social Music Game Bursts Onto The Scene

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We’ve been waiting a little while for a new social media game to come along – one which can restore our faith in gaming and give us a reason to surrender countless more hours than we intend to our social networking websites.

And it’s here.  Love social networks?  Love music?  Well you’re going to be in gaming heaven now then!

SongPop is the latest popular game to hit the scene, where you compete against your social media friends with the aim of guessing the artist or song title faster than your friend.  It is a turn-based game, so don’t worry, you don’t have to devote hours at a time to it (but you most likely will!).  The developers describe SongPop as “the most fun music trivia game to play with friends”.

Numerous different categories (or playlists) are available – at first you start off with a few categories such as 80’s and 90s but by playing games you earn coins (more for a win obviously!) and these coins can then be used to ‘buy’ more playlists and make them available for selection.  There’s playlists to suit everybody including lists such as 2000’s rock, modern rap, 60s and many more….. there’s even a Glee playlist!  (it’s pretty cool by the way!!).

As you play each category (playlist) you ‘progress’ in your knowledge of that playlist and the more progress that you make, the more songs that get unlocked.

SongPop on Facebook

SongPop is available on Facebook, iOS and Android.  SongPop is free but there is also a premium version which you can upgrade to for extra features, which currently costs £1.49 in the App Store.

SongPop was developed by FreshPlanet Inc, a New York based company created by two web entrepreneurs (who also happen to be brothers).

This is a truly addictive game!  Make sure that when you start playing you’ve got plenty of time spare – you may find it hard to pull yourself away!!!

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[…] couple of days ago, our regulars will remember that we posted an article regarding SongPop, the new Facebook social media music trivia game!  We’ve been evaluating it for a while no […]

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