$.ajax is not a function

TL;DR; Make sure you’ve loaded jQuery into your page. You’re ripping your hair out. “Why won’t it work?”. You’ve already subsituted that infernal cURL request that didn’t work and now ajax isn’t working! Don’t panic – the $.ajax(…) is not

New Political Simulator Launched by DPS Apps

As confirmed yesterday, we’re proud to announce that DPS Politics v1.0 has is now live over at DPS Apps! As a follow up to yesterday’s post, here’s a round up of features available now at initial launch. Register and login

DPS Politics Lauched!

Long awaited and eargerly anticipated, DPS Politics v1.0 has just been launched! Check it out now! Can you lead the country? What will your first policy be? Register now! Think you can do better than the career politicians? Of course

New DPS Apps Website Launched

Migration across to our new servers is complete and the DPS Apps website has had a little update. Can you spot the difference? We’ve fixed a couple of annoying bugs that we’re on there and we’ve also included our new

Can I Delete hiberfil.sys?

TL;DRYes. Run command:powercfg -h off So, I Found This File… I’m going to presume as you’re here it’s because either you’re wondering what hiberfil.sys is or you’ve gone ahead and tried to delete it and got a scary ‘this file