T-Mobile Reveals New “Fair Usage” Policy For Mobile Broadband

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T-Mobile logoMobile broadband will never be the same again – at least for T-Mobile customers.  Currently with their mobile broadband package you are allowed either 1GB or 3GB of data transfer a month dependent on your contract.

Now T-Mobile is “giving notice to customers” that fair usage will now mean no more than 500MB of data transfer a month.  T-Mobile hasn’t yet made it clear whether this will only affect new customers or existing customers as well saying only that they have “given fair notice”.

They continued to state that big downloads as well as video streaming should be saved for home Internet connections.

T-Mobile however have wanted to try and emphasize the positive now stating that you won’t be charged for going over your data limit.  So what happens now I hear you ask?  Well, now when you go over your data limit,  you get banned.  Yes, that right banned! – for the entire month period till your next bill.  I am sure this will be a comfort to all T-Mobile mobile broadband customers – NOT!

In a nutshell, if you want to do any more then basic browsing avoid T-Mobile mobile broadband like the plague!  They’ve basically said this themselves! 😉 (minus the “avoid T-Mobile mobile broadband like the plague!” bit!).

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