Speculation Grows Over Secret Apple Announcement

AppleSpeculation continues to grow ahead of Wednesdays 6pm (GMT) announcement by Apple.  Although the technology giant has confirmed that an announcement will be made at the that time, they have not said what it is regarding.

Maybe it’s an announcement about how the weather is?  Maybe it’s there opinion on the new Windows 8 Consumer Preview?  Or maybe it’s to tell us what the CEO had for lunch that day?

Well it could be all those things, or it could be the widely expected announcement of the next generation iPad.  Speculation and rumours in the industry strongly point to this being the announcement, however Apple have been very secretive about it.  There has been no official word on the features of the next iPad or even it’s name.

Names for the new iPad which have been rumoured include ‘iPad 3’, ‘iPad HD’ and iPad 2S’.

The main areas that users have said they would like to see upgraded in the new iPad are the processor, the display and the camera.

Leaks from the factories where the new iPads are expected to be made reveal that the processor and display are both likely to be upgraded in the new iPad.

What new features and upgrades do you want to see in the next generation of iPads?  Let us know in the comments!

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Ben Stones
10 years ago

It’s the magical, revolutionary, game-changing new iPad with a better resolution, better camera and the revolutionary and magical Voice DictationTM. Lol just kidding. It’s a nice new iPad update ;). Although it isn’t actually called the iPad 3. Perhaps Apple are transitioning to calling them as they do to their iPod touch and Macs – I.e. the new iPad is “3rd generation”.

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