Star Trek RESURGENCE – General Quarters – Mission 25

A crisis meeting is called aboard the USS Resolute to discover the catastrophe that happened on the Hotari homeworld. But before that, Jara meets Tylas again – who seems, unsurprisingly, troubled.

Will Jara tell Tylas the truth about what happened on the Hotari homeworld or will she try to ease her worry at the expense of being untruthful?

General Quarters requires us to step up the alerts once more as we come face-to-face with an Alydian battleship – but who is aboard? What is Galvan doing on the homeworld?

And can the Federation and parts of the Alydian and Hotari factions do anything to stop them?

A dangerous away mission is in the offing – but will Jara agree with Solano again or will she start following her own convictions potentially at his expense?

Find out with us as we enter General Quarters – Mission 25 on Star Trek RESURGENCE!

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