Star Trek RESURGENCE – Crosstalk – Mission 37

The biggest decision of all has to come in Mission 37 – Crosstalk. Just who indeed will become the USS Resolute’s new first officer?

Whilst the plan to deal with the TKon takes centre stage, the transfer of command codes to Captain Rydek finalises her place in the captaincy. But with this done, the computer will need to know who to transfer her command codes to.

She has a chequered history of sorts with all the leading candidates.

Should she pick Commander Westbrook – passed over last time in Jara’s favour. Will he not see it as the final insult to be passed over again.

Commander Urmott – another senior figure and equally qualified candidate – he has blown hot and cold with Jara but mainly tried to keep his head down after a few initial tussles.

Or finally, Lieutenant Bedrosian – the history here runs deep since the fateful shuttle accident – but should Jara let herself be swayed out of sympathy (or at least having it look that way) and pick the most junior officer in contention?

Find out which decision we make in Crosstalk – Mission 37 on Star Trek RESURGENCE!

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