Callaghan High Crime – Shift 9 – Police Simulator: Patrol Officers

We’re back to Callaghan after an urgent call from district to a high crime area. One shift away and it’s all fallen apart so we’re back to the rescue.

And they weren’t kidding! Crime really is at an all time high and the shift is going perfect until…

A car crash involving a fleeing driver. But who will get the blame? Is this on Brighton Police Department or will the chief see it as a legitimate way to stop a fleeing suspect?

Then a second car accident due to dodgy GPS instructions – but will the chief overlook it after dealing admirably with crime.

We then accidently run a yellow barrier (following the sat nav to the station!) but what happens in Police Simulator: Patrol Officers 8.0.1 when we run a red barrier? Hopefully we don’t find out – but are the brakes enough to save us?

Join us for a HIGH CRIME shift 9 in Callaghan Financial District as we take on our latest evening shift in Police Simulator: Patrol Officers!

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