Creating Your Own Facebook Page – A Simple Guide

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The power of social media shouldn’t be underestimated.  It is a vital tool for any modern business of any size.  Whether you’re a sole trader or a large limited company, customers these days expect you to have a presence on social networks.  One of the most popular ways of having a social media presence is by setting up a Facebook page – this is quick and easy to do and doesn’t cost a penny.

Firstly, you will need a Facebook account.  If you’ve already got a personal Facebook account then log in to Facebook using those details.  If not, you’ll have to register a new personal account on Facebook and then log in.

Secondly, type ‘Pages’ into the search bar at the top of the page.  Strangly, although we are actually looking for an selection called ‘Facebook Pages’, if you type in ‘Facebook Pages’ as opposed to pages it appears lower down the list or sometimes not at all.  Which seems very strange, but just type ‘Pages’ to be safe!

Create Your Facebook Page - 1

Now your looking for the option that has a ‘grey header’ with the word ‘Facebook’ in it with a menu option called ‘Facebook Pages’ which looks like the picture shown below:

Create Your Facebook Page - 2

There may be other menu options called ‘Facebook Pages’ in different ‘grey header’ categories – ignore these.  You want to select the option that looks the same as the picture above.

After you’ve clicked on the menu option you’ll be presented with the ‘Facebook Pages’ page.  At the top right hand corner of the page there will be a button saying ‘Create Page’.  Click on that:

Create Your Facebook Page - 3

Then you will see a page appear asking which category your page comes under:

Create Your Facebook Page - 4

The categories available are ‘Local business or place’, ‘Company, organisation or institution’, ‘Brand or product’, ‘Artist, band or public figure’, ‘Entertainment’ and ‘Cause or community’.  Each category will have different information fields for you to fill out that are relevant to the type of page you are creating.  In this example we will use the ‘Local business or place’ category.  Click on ‘Local business or place’.  After clicking on ‘Local business or place’ you will then see the box change to provide you with a number of fields.  Complete the fields with your business or place information.  When you have done this you should have something similar to the picture shown below.

Create Your Facebook Page - 5

After you have entered all of your details, read and agreed to the terms and conditions, click the ‘Get started’ button.  Your page will then be created and you can start customising it and making it unique and fit your business needs exactly.  There’s many great things that you can do with a Facebook page – the best way to learn about the features of Facebook Pages is to experiment, try out new features, see what works and what doesn’t and what your customers and fans like and don’t like about your page.

Good luck with your new Facebook page!

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