How to Use Spybot Search and Destroy Start Center (2.9, FREE, 2022)

Today we have a look at how to use Spybot Search and Destroy Start Center (or Start Centre for our UK readers and viewers) after you have completed the initial install and setup of Spybot Search and Destroy.

The Start Centre (sorry, we cannot bring ourselves to do it) is where you always start your Spybot journey and leads you to all the other amazing anti-malware tools that it has to offer.

Spybot Search and Destroy 2.9 is the latest version of the legendary anti-malware application from Safer Networking and we learn about where the menu items are placed and the information that is given to you on the Start Center (ok, we did it).

We also explore the status information provided (and what it means) as well as the overview of your system so that you understand when things are fine and when you need to take action to ensure that your system is kept fully protected from malware!


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