Downtown HIGH CRIME – Police Simulator 9.0.0 – Shift 27

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Shift 27 sees us head back to Downtown where HIGH CRIME has got out of hand!

In addition to traffic stops (including a big oopsie!) and callouts we try to rid Downtown, and the Callaghan Financial District within it, of the criminal scurge that currently has a stranglehold on the area.

Litterbugs be warned, drink drivers be scared, DPS is patrolling the Downtown so you better be….. haired?

OK, well that didn’t quite work but what DID work was our HIGH CRIME tackling strategy!

Join us on the beat as we deal with some of the most hardened criminals in Brighton!

See you on the street, officer! #policesimulator #policesimulatorpatrolofficers

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