Phishing Update – The Now Infamous Facebook Article!

Google LogoQuick update regarding the unfortunate whoopsie that Google did in marking one of our articles (incorrectly) as a phishing page.

Issue was brought up with Google, Google reviewed, Google decided they were talking rubbish ;-).  So, as it’s now been cleared by Google, I (and of course any other webmasters out there who may want to) are now able to link the now infamous article.

We’ve also raised the Issue with McAfee and Norton to update their relevant web URL checkers and software.  Norton are currently re-evaluating and McAfee we haven’t heard back from yet.

Safe to say, no that Google has deemed it safe, hopefully all the other service providers and link checkers will equally declare it safe once they poll security data from Google again.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.  We have asked for a full detail of the complaint, including the complainant but so far this has not been forthcoming.  We’ve also worked with our hosting provider but they are equally unable to get hold of the information.

My suspicion is that this started from a malicious complaint and there’s possibly a bit of embarrassment on the part of Google/and the service company that lodged a complaint with our hosting provider.

Thankfully, these are rare occurrences – but they are however on the increase (against many reputable websites and companies) but rest assured that we do everything possible to maintain yours and our websites security and will swiftly deal with all complaints, malicious or otherwise.

Thanks for your patience.

DPS David.

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