Facebook Outs Friends Who Ignore Their Friends

Facebook logoOK, so we’ve all be guilty of it.  Yes, even you!  Miss Butter Wouldn’t Melt! ;).

That’s right, its been an long tradition that although we love our friends to pieces we sometimes can’t be bothered speaking to them – for one reason or another.  In the good old days (OK, the 90s), this involved maybe ignoring the phone or a knock at the door.

Effective, but not specific enough to just ignore the person(s) that you are trying to avoid.

Then came the mobile phone – and with it, caller ID – what an invention.  With texts and calls now having a name attached the process got much easier.

Fast forward to the noughties and we get social media.  And soon after social media based chat, like Facebook Chat.

Similar to texting, you could always just ignore those who you didn’t want to talk to and they’d be non the wiser.  That was until the tens – as in the 2010s.

Hide No More Ignorant Friend!

Imagine if when you ignored a phone call that your phone called the person back straight away and said, “the owner of this phone is deliberately ignoring you, please try again or never”.  Wouldn’t go down to well would it now?  (NB. This might not be too far off – Siri is a reality after all ;)).

Well thanks to advancements in technology, Facebook has implemented this much (?) sought after feature.  No more shall the ignored be ignored without their knowledge….. well not as easily anyway.

Facebook outs you as Mr/Miss/Mr/Dr Ignorant with one word and a timestamp – ‘Seen xx:xx’ (replaces x’s with desired time).

So when a friend types a message and you look at it and close it, and you think you’ve gotten away with it, think again.

They get a nice little call back from Facebook and just above where they type there message it shows them this:

Whoopsie!  You’ve been outed.  So remember, if you look, and you want to preserve you friend ship and not get your ears chewed off, you better reply to that message that you just sneakily looked at and though you got away with! ;).

Of course, its ok to ‘ignore’ a message that doesn’t need a reply – just make sure you’re judgement is correct before you don’t respond to the ‘does my bum look big in this‘ question that your significant other has just typed in chat to you.

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