BREAKING NEWS: Mayer Resigns from Google Job

Google LogoMarissa Mayer, one of the most recognisable faces of web giant Google, and the 20th employee to ever be hired by Google, has, in a shock move, resigned from her position at Google with immediate effect.

Ms. Mayer sensationally left her job last night, without warning, in order to take up the position of Chief Executive of Yahoo!, seen by many as the most poisoned chalice in the computing industry.

In a move announced by Yahoo last night, the company said that it intended the appointment to signal Yahoo’s commitment to continuing technical innovation at the company.  However, all is likely not happy at the Yahoo camp, as interim Chief Executive Ross Levinsohn is overlooked.  Ross Levinsohn has a background in the media industry, with previous stints at Rupert Murdoch’s News International.

Ms Mayer commented on Twitter regarding her change of job, after previously giving no indiciation, by tweeting “I’m incredibly excited to start my new role at Yahoo! tomorrow: …“.

It has also been revealed in the last couple of hours that Marissa Mayer is pregnant, after she revealed the information on her Twitter feed.

Watch the announcement from Bloomberg Business Week (USA).

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