DPS Computing Limited – Standby for the Official Launch

Well the time is getting nearer to the exciting launch of the brand new website for DPS Computing Limited – your brand new web development and hosting specialist.

DPS Computing Limited is set to make waves in web development and hosting as it begins its countdown to launch – confirmed as 20:00 on Saturday 14th July.  For 6 years DPS Computing has provided its members and visitors with articles, news, reviews, tutorials and information about all the latest technology subjects and areas.

Now, following the formation of DPS Computing Limited, we’re raising it a notch.  We’re going to continue providing the same high quality content on our blog as we’ve always done – but now we’re going to add our extensive range of web based products and services to this to create a formidable lineup.

With web design, web hosting, web maintenance, web updates and web application development packages available, fully customisable for all customers, DPS Computing Limited is determined to raise the current quality bar in the web development and hosting industries.

We’ve provided you with the best quality information over the past 6 years.  Let us now provide you with the best quality web development and hosting services, offering unbeatable value for money.

The countdown has begun, as you can now see on the DPS Computing Limited homepage.

DPS Computing Limited - Standby for launch - Homepage

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Ben Stones
9 years ago

Can’t wait!

Ben Stones
9 years ago

Good job I finish work at 5pm tomorrow 😉 lol

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