Site Maintenance – 04/07/2012

DPS ComputingFirstly, just before anyone says, I am aware that it is just about the 05/07 but the actual aforementioned maintenance was actually performed yesterday!

In line with improving the speed and performance of the DPS Computing blog we have performed an audit and discovered that our blog/Facebook link functionality software was slowing the blog down a lot.

Following this discovery we have removed the offending piece of software that was causing a substantial slow down.

Don’t worry, none of the Facebook functionality itself has actually disappeared or been taken away.  You are still able to like/share things to Facebook and you are still able to log in and register on the blog using social media (including Facebook).

This issue related to our links between the blog and our DPS Computing – Official Facebook page (shameless plug there!).  We have replaced the old software with some new scripting and so far everything looks like its working as usual and the speed increase appears to have been retained.

If you notice any issues, slow downs etc please let us know in the comments below.


DPS David.

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