DPS Computing Prepares For New High Spec Server

As part of our commitment to continuous development and improving standards at DPS Computing to our loyal members and visitors we have taken the decision to upgrade the server upon which we host the site.

The new server, to which the DPS Computing site will transfer over the next few days, will provide much greater resources available to the site and therefore make the site a lot more responsive and able to deal with the increasing traffic the site is receiving.

DPS Computing, which is rapidly approaching 1,000 registered members and having many more visitors to the site, has been on its current server since 2007.  The new high speed server has been chosen so that we can continue to provide you with the first class computing site that you have come to expect.

There is no need for any of our visitors / members to worry – nothing will change with the way the site works or how you use it.  But after the site has transferred to the new server you should definitely notice the increase in speed and responsiveness.

We estimate that the new server will at least double the resources available to the site and therefore at least double the speed at which you can access the site.

The only issue that you may notice with the site during the transfer is that, unfortunately, there will be a small period of downtime due to the changes.  We will try to minimise this as much as possible and we will of course keep you updated.

It’s exciting times for us and our visitors and members and we look forward to providing you with an ever improving DPS Computing  :-D.

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