ACTA – Anonymous Claims Next Victim – Sweden

ACTAThe “Reign Of Terror” that seems to be sweeping the globe continues as Sweden becomes the latest victim to Anonymous.

Although, currently, it has not been officially confirmed by Anonymous, a group linked to the cyber activism group has claimed responsibility for the attacks on Twitter.

Yesterday, we reported on the attacks on Greek government websites in response to the signing of ACTA by 22 EU member states, of which Greece was one.

Now Sweden has been targeted in a effort to make their government think again about ACTA.  The attack is said to have caused widespread disruption to a central Swedish government website which is used by all departments of the Swedish central government.

Officials would not specifically comment on the issue other than to say that “some disruption” had been caused on their servers but that they were not able to comment further as “the government doesn’t comment on security issues”.

With Anonymous stepping up their game, pressure is going to continue to mount on EU governments that have become ACTA signatories and no doubt Anonymous has numerous more attacks planned before the treaty is due to be ratified by the European Parliament in the Summer 2012.

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