Google & Its ‘Barrel Roll’

Google LogoA while ago, Google created a little easter egg in it’s search engine.  The ‘Barrel Roll’ easter egg spins the page around if you use the search engine to search for “do a barrel roll”.

Sounds fun, right?  Wrong!  As the craze has gradually spread over the Internet, Googles “do a barrel roll” search now appears as the top result after you type “do ” in it’s autocomplete function.  The effect of this is that now when you start any search query in Google with “do ” your page starts spinning around.

The first time it might be slightly amusing and scary, by the second time it’s most definitely boring!

One concern is that it may confuse some users of the popular search engine that their browser has been hijacked or that they have been infected with malicious software.  To the users that it doesn’t confuse, it most definitely does annoy.

What do you think of Google’s ‘Barrel Roll’.  Love it or loathe it?  Let us know in the comments section.

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