Another ISP Adds a Fibre Optic Offering

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TalkTalk are the latest ISP to announce they will be upgrading areas to super fast fibre optic broadband.  Dubbed the “Fibre Optic Boost” TalkTalk have claimed that customers will be able to achieve up to 40mg broadband which no doubt will boost the company that has been plagued with bad reviews and disgruntled customers.

Customers wishing for their area to be upgraded are advised to register their interest on TalkTalks website, similar to the way BT rolled out Infinity, their fibre optic offering.  The more people that register in a particular area the more likely TalkTalk are to roll out the new service in that area which will be similar to BTs Infinity in the fact that it will be pot luck and a post code lottery as to whether you can receive it in your area.

TalkTalk has assured their customers that upgrading will be easy.

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