Virgins “Unlimited” Music Service Near Launch

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Virgin MediaVirgin Medias new music service is to launch as expected – the big difference?  It’s not now going to include the “unlimited” option that was previously advertised.

The “Unlimited” service which has now been scrapped, due to pressure from the big record labels, would have allowed Virgin Media customers to download an unlimited amount of MP3s from its music service for a set fee per month.  Unfortunately now the top tier will be 40 MP3 downloads a month for £15.

This comes as a big blow for the customers and Virgin Media as the new music service was previously described as “groundbreaking” and was expected to majorly change the nature of online downloads.

All is not doom and gloom however – although unlimited downloads are off the cards at the moment unlimited streaming of songs off the Internet will be available and Virgin Media wants to assure its customers that it is working towards to goal of providing unlimited music downloads.

Although some of the big music labels are said to be reluctant to make available an unlimited service some are also believe to be in favour, such as Universal Music.  Also offering such a service may reduce the amount of illegal filesharing that currently goes on so it could well work out better for all the big labels if they all throw their weight behind an unlimited service.

Sony, one of the labels that has withdrawn support for the unlimited downloads, is believed to be reluctant to support it due to the fact one of their typical household customers who now spends £400 annually on music, will be estimated to spend only £120 of that money should the unlimited service become available.

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