DPS Drive – Case Study Examples (CSE) Launches With First Case Study!

DPS Computing Limited is proud to announce the launch of the brand new (and free!) DPS Drive – Case Study Examples (CSE) package.  The first case study in CSE has gone live this evening.

DPS Drive – Case Study Examples is aimed to complement DPS Drive – Interactive Theory Test (ITT), released this summer by DPS Computing Limited.  While the interactive theory test helps learner drivers get to grips with the driving theory and the types of questions that are asked during a theory test, DPS Drive – CSE puts the questions into a context and format that you can expect to be similar to that faced in the theory test centre.

The first Case Study Example contained in DPS Drive – CSE has been provided and kindly licensed to DPS Computing Limited by the Driving Standards Agency.

DPS Computing Limited is working with fully qualified Advanced Driving Instructors (ADIs) to create more realistic case study examples to enable us to continue releasing more case studies at regular intervals.

DPS Drive – Case Study Examples is the second release by DPS Computing Limited, as well as the second release in the DPS Drive line of products.

While DPS Drive – Case Study Examples (CSE) was initially conceived as a paid for add on to DPS Drive – Interactive Theory Test, the decision was made to release it under a free-to-use model.  There are a number of advantages to this.  Firstly, you get it for no additional cost (always a bonus!).  Secondly, it is accessible to both current DPS Drive – ITT (DPS Computing) customers and non customers alike.  Thirdly, by releasing it under a free-to-use model we can release case studies as and when they are finished and become available.  Under the pay model, we would have had to complete all of the case studies prior to release, thereby delaying the release date.

DPS Drive – Interactive Theory Test (ITT) and DPS Drive – Case Study Examples (CSE) have naturally been designed to complement each other.

You can access DPS Drive – CSE here.

DPS Computing Limited Launches Successfully

DPS ComputingThe official site of DPS Computing Limited has successfully launched, despite a few minor propagation issues for users and visitors in some parts of the world.  DPS Computing is proud to announce now that throughout the night, test servers in Europe, UK and the USA are all showing the propagation issues have been resolved.

Despite a few hiccups the launch was a success.  DPS Computing’s billing, customer and technical support areas will be opening later on today, allowing customers to order from our fantastic range of web hosting packages.

With prices starting from £2.30 / month, there has never been a better time to launch your website!

Work is still ongoing on the DPS Computing Limited website, however this work isn’t expected to have any impact on visitors or customers whatsoever.

DPS Computing Limited Prepares for Launch in Less Than 24 Hours

DPS ComputingThe final countdown to the launch of the brand new official DPS Computing Limited website is now ticking down through the final day of waiting for this eagerly anticipated event.

DPS Computing Limited is striving to raise the quality of web development, hosting and products while still offering excellent value for money.

David Smith, Managing Director of DPS Computing Limited, has stated that the launch of the new DPS Computing Limited company site on the 14th July will “signify an important step and a momentous occasion for all web services customers with DPS Computing becoming the first ‘one stop shop’ for all of a customers web service, development and hosting needs whether they are an individual or a business while continuing to break boundaries offering never-before-seen quality at a value-for-money price”.

With less than 20 hours to go to the official launch, the final testing phases of the new site have been entered and the company is on schedule to open its doors to its first customers at 20:00, later on today.

DPS Computing Limited - Launch - T-Minus 20 hours

DPS Computing Limited – Standby for the Official Launch

Well the time is getting nearer to the exciting launch of the brand new website for DPS Computing Limited – your brand new web development and hosting specialist.

DPS Computing Limited is set to make waves in web development and hosting as it begins its countdown to launch – confirmed as 20:00 on Saturday 14th July.  For 6 years DPS Computing has provided its members and visitors with articles, news, reviews, tutorials and information about all the latest technology subjects and areas.

Now, following the formation of DPS Computing Limited, we’re raising it a notch.  We’re going to continue providing the same high quality content on our blog as we’ve always done – but now we’re going to add our extensive range of web based products and services to this to create a formidable lineup.

With web design, web hosting, web maintenance, web updates and web application development packages available, fully customisable for all customers, DPS Computing Limited is determined to raise the current quality bar in the web development and hosting industries.

We’ve provided you with the best quality information over the past 6 years.  Let us now provide you with the best quality web development and hosting services, offering unbeatable value for money.

The countdown has begun, as you can now see on the DPS Computing Limited homepage.

DPS Computing Limited - Standby for launch - Homepage